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Ways to Raise

Becoming a Miracle Maker is a way for you to make a difference and support children, families, and team members at Rady Children’s Hospital. Fundraise your own way through our DIY fundraising platform!

Take your favorite event or activity, and turn it into a fundraiser. It’s easy!

  • Fitness classes
  • Family BBQ’s
  • Trivia Night
  • Pickleball Tournament
  • Company Parties
  • Homemade Item Sales

Don’t forget you can also join us to fundraise for our annual Rady Children’s Walk or Light the Way campaign as well.

Contact us at we’ll help you decide which fundraising opportunity is best for you.

Ways others have raised funds for Rady Children’s:


Karaoke for a Cause with Foundation Escrow

Masud Sarwary is CEO of Foundation Escrow and, together with their real estate partners, the company has committed to raising $1,000,000 by 2030 for the Oliver Sarwary Memorial Endowment for the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) at Rady Children’s.

Masud lost his son, Oliver, when he was just 11 days old. Masud and his family were grateful for the support of Rady Children’s NICU team and pledged to “support the NICU for life” to help other families who experience the same heartbreak.

The Sarwary family began by creating a Miracle Maker page with the goal of raising $72,000 to name Room 3211 in the NICU—Oliver’s room. They were able to create their tile and visit the room in honor of his birthday on May 14, 2019.

To continue Oliver’s legacy, the Oliver Sarwary Memorial Endowment for the NICU at Rady Children’s was created in December 2019. Foundation Escrow and their partners support Rady Children’s through Karaoke for the Cause and their Masquerade Ball each year. Learn more:

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10 Toes Surf Wax

Marty Hamud and Ainsley Savant are childhood friends who started their band MonkeyJam as well as surf wax company 10ToesSurfWax, with proceeds benefiting Rady Children’s.

They’re talented performers and small business partners, and they were both once Rady Children's patients.

Marty was born 10 weeks early at only 2 pounds and 14 ounces. He was in the NICU for 10 weeks before he was able to come home. In third grade, Ainsley was hospitalized for a major infection and received lifesaving care at Rady Children’s. She and Marty work together on 10ToesSurfWax and now both give back to Rady Children’s by contributing a portion of sales to the hospital.

"We both wanted to give back to where we came from. We are thankful to be alive. We're thankful for the doctors and nurses in the NICU who help kids and create miracles every day." says Hamud.

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Celebrating Emerson

In October 2020, the Bialas family’s lives changed drastically when their son, Emerson, was diagnosed with a stage 2 Wilms' tumor. Over the course of several months, he underwent major surgery and received chemotherapy at Rady Children's. Today, they are overjoyed that he is cancer free, happy and healthy. The Bialas family celebrated this milestone by creating a fundraising page and asking friends and family to donate on behalf of Emerson. Emerson was able to raise nearly $6,000 thanks to his friends, family and community supporters—and even got to sign the big check himself!

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