Peckham Center hallway

About the Peckham Center for Cancer and Blood Disorders

Through research and strategic alliances, the Peckham Center for Cancer and Blood Disorders at Rady Children’s Hospital-San Diego, is the largest pediatric cancer care program serving San Diego, Riverside, and Imperial counties, and participates in some of the most innovative cancer therapies offered.

As part of its alliance with UC San Diego, the Peckham Center is designated as a National Cancer Institute-designated Comprehensive Cancer Center. In another great stride, the Peckham Center is among the first in the nation to offer Kymriah, a pioneering immunotherapy for pediatric cancer, which genetically alters patients’ blood cells to attack cancer cells. Highly advanced and precise radiation therapy is now available at the Peckham Center in partnership with California Protons.

Regardless of the child’s insurance status, with your support, Rady Children’s provides comprehensive cancer care spanning evaluation, treatment, pain management, palliative care, oncologic emergencies and innovative new cancer treatments such as chemotherapy, biotherapy and immunotherapy.

At the Peckham Center, cancer is the most frequent diagnosis, but patients also are treated for blood disorders such as hemophilia, sickle cell disease and von Willebrand’s disease. For some, a hematologic diagnosis can be equally frightening and life-altering as a cancer diagnosis.