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2024 Celebration of Champions

La Playa Loving One Another

Maisie was 2 years old when she stopped gaining weight and began falling often. Then her leg started hurting and she could no longer walk. When the Rady Children’s team informed Maisie’s parents that she had leukemia, they were blindsided.
Doctors, nurses, social workers and therapists compassionately responded to Maisie’s parents’ overwhelmed emotions while ensuring they understood her diagnosis and recommended care plan.
“I was not at my best, but the Rady Children’s team was at theirs,” Maisie’s mom, Jennie, recalls. “They gently surrounded us, checking in on one thing and then another. All the different programs came in and felt so supportive.”
The partnership of clinicians and staff has carried on throughout Maisie’s eight months of treatment to date—from chemotherapy port placement surgery to frequent hospital visits to home care—and resulted in a unique bond with the family.
Maisie’s parents especially appreciate Rady Children’s holistic approach to their family’s needs. The care team’s guidance on pain management and minimizing side effects has improved Maisie’s overall well-being throughout their challenging treatment journey. Programs designed to help their older daughter, Margot, understand and cope with her sister’s diagnosis have also made a profound impact. Celebration of Champions makes these vital supports possible. 
Maisie’s healing has progressed, and she will soon transition to less intensive treatment. Jennie says the Rady Children’s team has been pivotal to finding acceptance and hope along the way.
“They helped us understand that there’s light through the good times and the tough times,” Jennie says.
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Donations to my page support critical cancer support programs at the Peckham Center for Cancer and Blood Disorders at Rady Children’s.

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