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Hearing Program at Rady Children's

The Hearing Program at Rady Children’s is a multidisciplinary team that brings together specialists from Otolaryngology, Audiology, Speech and Language, as well as Developmental Psychology to evaluate and care for children with all degrees and types of hearing loss.

The team not only provides state of the art care for all children but is also dedicated to finding innovative ways to diagnose pediatric hearing loss, as well as to improve the treatment with hearing aids, surgically implantable hearing aids, and cochlear implants. Due to our comprehensive team effort, California Children Services (CCS) has been using our cochlear implant candidacy evaluation protocol for several years. All other CCS centers in California have been following our guidelines.

But our Hearing Program doesn’t stop there. We also provide support and care to meet all of the families’ needs. Currently, we are working on creating innovative ways to program and monitor hearing aids and cochlear implants remotely. We are also working an innovative surgical solutions.

Imagine surgery without any incisions!

The Hearing Program treats children with cholesteatoma (a benign tumor of the ear), and Dr. Carvalho, Director of the Hearing Program, is a pioneer in Endoscopic Ear Surgery, which reduces the number of surgeries required for this disease, makes the surgery more effective and avoids the need for any incisions. She is working along with the 3D printing lab at RCHSD to create models that will improve this procedure and train the next generation of physicians, so more children can access this fantastic technological advancement!

Your gift to the Hearing Program at Rady Children’s Hospital helps accelerate our team’s work and research and gives hope to children and families. Thank you so much for your support!

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