Miracle Makers 2018

Team Garrett NF Clinic

Join Team Garrett and help us start an NF clinic!

Garrett was born with a rare genetic disorder called Neurofibromatosis. As a young child, he began to develop benign tumors along the nerves of his body. Over time, these tumors have grown and damaged vital bodily functions. His vision was limited at birth due damaged retinas. He began losing his hearing in the 5th grade, and his balance soon thereafter. His vocal chord and right side of his face became paralyzed. He lost his ability to speak and eat due to needed surgeries. His body is now weak and he is in contact pain. We have lost count of the number of surgeries completed and the hospital stays. We have traveled all over the nation to find the best care. Having to manage all these complications by ourselves was overwhelming. This began our desire to make a difference for other families dealing with the same situation.

Rady Children’s Hospital is working toward opening an NF Clinic and we have an opportunity to come along side them to help raise funds for the clinic. We are thankful that families will receive the needed assistance here in San Diego to help them navigate this difficult journey with NF.  Your support will help to open this clinic and ultimately support patients who have NF. Thank you!

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