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Thank you Fast Lane Members & Friends
Thank you Fast Lane Members & Friends

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Hudson was born with a rare and severe heart condition called double inlet left ventricle. The wall that separates the lower chambers of the heart is missing. This, along with other complications, leaves Hudson with essentially half a functioning heart that will require a series of surgeries over many years.

In the first months of his life, Hudson underwent two open heart surgeries and a heart catheter procedure. “We have watched him go through agonizing procedures, and endure long days and nights, but we have been comforted by having Rady Children’s experts at our side,” says Hudson’s mother, Angela. “There has been someone with us each step of the way, and it means so much to us. It feels like they are our second family, and for that we feel so fortunate.” Hudson and his parents have found solace in the hospital’s integrative medicine program, including healing touch massage, and art and music therapy; and support from pastoral care and social services. Even though Hudson has endured so much medically, he has an amazing disposition. On a regular basis he tells his parents, "I'm a happy kid."

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