4th Annual Dream Big Walk


Same Day. Same Dream. Different Course.

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The kids at Rady Children’s Hospital dream of a normal day. One day without procedures, meetings with doctors or scary equipment. A day with no more needle sticks.

We want them to dream bigger.

When you support our Rady Children’s Dream Big Walk, you are helping to cure their diseases and treat their disorders—so healthy futures become their reality, and dreaming bigger becomes possible.

Help them dream bigger.

Every gift helps a sick or injured child dream bigger.

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$0 Raised / $400,000 Goal

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Congrats on getting your fundraiser off the ground and thank you! Every dollar counts when it comes to preserving and enhancing a child’s wellbeing. Keep up the great work!



Great job rallying your community for a great cause! Much of the care we provide for the patients at Rady Children's relies on the generosity of big dreamers like you and your donors.


Out of this world

With your help, Rady Children’s is gaining lightyears on traditional pediatric health care. Thank you for aiming high, working hard and taking your fundraiser out of this world for the kids in our care.


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